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Global organic ingredient sourcing.
With the growing market in organic food, natural cosmetics, natural remedies and functional food, the necessary ingredients are increasingly in demand. Raw material buyers (importers, processors and distributors) have to invest greater effort in securing a reliable supply of organic ingredients, not only in the short term but also as part of long term procurement plans. As well as ensuring the ingredients comply with their own product specifications, buyers must cope with many complicating factors that make global organic product sourcing a challenge.

Such factors include:
• the organic integrity of products’ origins
• product quality, quality management and reliability in supply
• non-harmonized organic standards (EU Reg., JAS, NOP, etc. )
• other requirements such as traceability, fair trade and/or Corporate Social Responsibility issues along the whole supply chain

Organic Services GmbH offers a range of services that help companies source and/or export ingredients:
• Scouting of new natural sources of active ingredients (essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, antioxidants, FOS etc.)
• Identification of new suppliers and the establishment of a customized ingredient database
• Development of new organic farming projects and related supply chains
• Elaboration of Organic System Plans for farmers, farmers groups and processors
• Evaluation of suppliers (including social audits of production chains)